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It was during my uncle’s (my mother’s younger brother) wedding that I had my first smoke. I must have been in the 3rd or 4th standard then. After the wedding reception, which was held in my uncle’s house, my cousins who were in the high school were smuggling cigarettes to the back of the house for smoking without being caught. I didn’t know it was such a crime to smoke, but I liked the style. So I went to my dad and asked whether I could have a smoke. “Why not” said my dad and got a cigarette from one of my uncles. I still remember… it was a John Player Special. He gave it to me and my uncle took his lighter and handed it to me. But I couldn’t light the cigarette as I was just holding it between my lips and was not inhaling through it. So my uncle took another cigarette and showed to me how to light a cigarette and I lit mine. The only thing my dad told me was not to go anywhere near my grandparents with the cigarette. So while my elder cousins smoked in hiding, I was having a royal time as I could smoke in front of the crowd as I had my dad’s permission. But I was just puffing the cigarette as I didn’t know how to smoke. But somehow I liked cigarettes, the aroma and the idea of smoking.

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