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The 555 Tag…

I was tagged by Anjali some time ago. I was a bit busy and hence the delay. So here goes:

5 Unique Things Found in My Room

  1. A set of Lego Bionicle Action Figures
  2. Books
  3. A clock in the shape of a car wheel
  4. Two waste bins
  5. A few stems of the lucky bamboo—to add little of greenery inside the room

5 Unique Things Found on My Desk (Since I don’t have a bag, I have chosen Desk)

  1. A small statue of Virgin Mary
  2. A pack of John Player Special (JPS) cigarettes . Not for smoking. But just for old time’s sake. I throw it away when the expiry date is over and will buy a new pack.
  3. About 200 pencils of different colors and lengths. I love seeing pencils.
  4. A small bottle of Axe oil for minor aches and pains and a stick of Aloe Lips
  5. My Moleskine notebook

5 Unique Things Found in My Wallet

  1. A small paper cutting that contains the news with my name—the first time my name appeared in print media—List of B. Tech Rank Holders
  2. My TCS ID card
  3. My 3 pervious visiting cards—one for each company that I worked
  4. 3 Feng Shui coins that a friend gave me
  5. A Million Dollar Bill that my friend Larry Lee of Cybernation gave me

I request anyone who is interested to take up this tag

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