Alexis's Ark

Fundamentals of Computer Science
and Communication Engineering

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Leon TechWorld, 1998.

In today’s information age, knowledge of computers and communications systems is a must. We use computers in each and every aspect of our lives. Anybody who wants to succeed in today’s world cannot afford to ignore computers and communications technology. Irrespective of the field that one is going to specialize in, the basic knowledge of modern technology is an absolute necessity – may it be sending an e-mail, surfing the Internet, making a presentation using one of the presentation software packages and so on. Our society has become so dependent on computers that we cannot survive without them. Also, they are great tools in improving human productivity, provided one knows how to use them.

This book, Fundamentals of Computer Science and Communication Engineering is written for the first year Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) courses of the various Universities in India. It covers the essentials of Computer Science and Communication Engineering from the history of computing to developments in the Internet, e-mail and WWW. The latest technological developments are included, wherever appropriate, so that the book is current and up-to-date.

A chapter on Careers in Computers, which gives insights into what is in store for a computer professional and what sort of academic preparation one should make to become successful is also included. To help students assimilate the concepts presented in this book, the following pedagogical features are incorporated: Descriptive questions, Fill in the blank, True/False and Multiple choice questions. You will find these at the end of each chapter to test comprehension of key concepts and terminology.