Alexis's Ark

Enterprise Resource Planning

By Alexis Leon, Tata McGraw-Hill, 1999.

To survive, thrive and beat the competition in today’s brutally competitive world one had to manage the future. Managing the future means managing the information. In order to manage the information, in order to deliver high quality information to the decision makers at the right time, in order to automate the process of data collection, collation and refinement, organizations have to make Information Technology an ally and should harness its full potential and use it in the best way possible.

Almost all organizations are turning to some sort of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package as a solution to their information management problems. ERP packages if chosen correctly, implemented judiciously and used efficiently will raise the productivity and profits of companies dramatically. But many a company fails in this because of wrong product, incompetent and haphazard implementation and inefficient or ineffective usage.

This book is about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)—its evolution, implementation, and advantages. The book gives a comprehensive treatment of ERP, the ERP market and the different ERP modules. The book also explains the major components—business modules—of an ERP system. The book gives an overview of the major players of the ERP market. The future trends in ERP are also covered in the book. The book includes ERP FAQs, ERP glossary and ERP case studies. This is an ideal book for people who want an introduction to ERP.