Alexis's Ark

Introduction to Computers

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Leon TechWorld, 1999.
“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.”
John F. Kennedy

In today’s information age, knowledge of computers is a must. We use computers in each and every aspect of our lives. Anybody who wants to succeed in today’s world cannot afford to ignore computers and communications technology. Irrespective of the field that one specializes in, the basic knowledge of computers and modern technology is an absolute necessity—may it be composing a letter or an article on the word processor, preparing the budget using an electronic spreadsheet, sending an e-mail, surfing the Internet, making a presentation using one of the presentation software packages and so on. Our society has become so dependent on computers that we cannot survive without them. Also, they are great tools in improving human productivity, provided one knows how to use them.

This book, ‘Introduction to Computers’ is written for all who want to know about computers, learn the basics and take advantage of the latest technologies in the field of computers and information technology. It covers the essentials of computer science and information technology from the history of computing to developments in the Internet, e-mail, WWW, multimedia, virtual reality and so on. We have tried to include the latest technological developments, wherever appropriate, so that the book is current and up-to-date.

As long-term students and users of computers and high technology, we have developed a book that reflects our own learning process, beginning with the fundamentals and infused with the latest advancements in technology. We have tried to make this book as interesting and readable as possible. We feel traditional introductory books in this area have treated the subject as a ‘machine science’ rather than as a ‘human enterprise’. Every word and illustration of this book has been tailored to convey to the reader that using computers can be an enjoyable and gratifying personal experience.