Alexis's Ark

Essentials of Database Management Systems

By Alexis Leon and Mathews Leon, Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt. Ltd., 2006.

Databases and database management systems are one of the most important subjects for the computer science and information technology students. Probably, the only subject that is more important is Software Engineering. Both Software Engineering and Database Management Systems form what we call the core subjects of the Computer Science and IT courses. These are the two subjects that will help the students in their transition from the classroom to their careers.

The advantage of DBMS (and Software Engineering) is that these topics are generic and will not change. Yes, there will be new developments and new theories but to understand those theories and developments one need a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals.

This book is written with the objective of making you an expert in the essentials of database management systems. Our goal when we started writing this book was to produce a volume that will cover all the required topics to a level that is not overwhelming but enough to satisfy the needs of the target audience.

The book contains 33 chapters and 4 appendices. The last 3 appendices (Elements of the Graphical User Interface, Overview of PL/SQL and Introduction to MS-Access) can be downloaded from the companion web site of the book.